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Honolulu - Okinawa | Economy by Delta Air Lines

Thank you Basco for working patiently with me to find and give me exactly the flights I asked for and for the lowest price possible. Polite, respectful and listened to my concern from past experience and arrange my flights to have enough time, same airport and make sure we will not miss our connecting flights.



When I started this process I was extremely scared that I would not make a good/smart decisions. I was, I'll admit afraid of being scammed. BUT then I was introduced to Samson and he was so very helpful, patience and kind. Thank you Samson for helping this older woman take a once in a life time trip to Holland. You are a fine young man and your company is so lucky to have you. Sincerely Jett Jakota



Simon , travel guide gave me a very excellent service guiding me through the process of navigating online until payment process including verification if my visa card. He made a follow up of my travel and making it sure that i was given the best price ticket and giving priorities of my travel like 2 hrs layover of my international flight as well as assurance of my allowable travel luggage . He is kind and patient in dealing with me therefore excellent customer service



My agent name was Clayton he was very helpful in helping me get the best flight to Nigeria he also check to see if there was any discounts he was very knowledgeable of the different flights and the airlines everything went smooth Even though I called him many a times he didn’t get aggravated with me he always was prompt in returning my calls I had a great experience with him and would recommend him highly



I’ve a great experience when I travelled to Hawaii & never had a problem calling the customer service when I reserved for a seat going back to Canada. The ladies, Felicia & Aphrodite, are very helpful, & honestly, they’ve helped me a lot. I appreciate them bcoz they’re both very nice to talk to.


S Barney

I found ASAP online and decided to give them a chance. I was looking for tickets to Africa for a humanitarian trip and he was immensely helpful. Before we purchased, our needs changed. We needed to find tickets for our entire group rather than just my daughter and me. Archer worked some miracles and got all 22 of us on the same flights! His can do attitude and willingness to find the right flights was awesome. I highly recommend ASAP Tickets.



Ft Lauderdale - Istanbul | Economy by United Airlines

As someone who works in customer services for more then 15 years I would love to thank Aros, the Agent who helped me and did the best customer service it was very nice and helpful and he cared about what I needed! I’m happy that he was the one who helped me!! Thank you again for your service and I am definitely will keep working with you since I’m flying a lot and I will recommend to all of my friends and family. ♥️



Omnibus is a great travel agent he always bend over backwards to get what I need in price. I am very happy with Asap tickets because of people like Omnibus. And great customer service too I had a extreme situation that needed to be addressed and your team was always there to help. I hope I will continue to have service like this in the future. As I will be flying annually to the Philippines. With a team like asap tickets you can count on me on being back 100% thank you asap team!



Tampa - Tbilisi | Economy by JetBlue Airways

Brad, was very patient and did a wonderful job. This took some organizing over a two week period, but Brad understood, this trip is the American Delegation … Team USA Veterans Wrestling Team … competing in the UWW Veterans Wrestling World Championships … The experience with the agent and flight arrangements was BETTER than I thought it would be and more efficient than expected too … Thanks, Michael Madry (Team USA)



Simple AMAZING! Don was so patient while I was trying to decide on dates that would work best with my work schedule. He kept coming with different dates and time options while he was trying to find the best deal for me. At the end I was able to find great deal and now I will be able to spend Christmas with my family (my last one was in 2013). Fun part is they have no ideas I am coming. :) I will definitely use ASAP Tickets again. Thanks Don. You are the best. :) Adriana


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