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San Francisco - Bangkok | Economy by China Southern Airlines

I had a very good experience with Artemis with my booking. He's friendly and very knowledgeable of his line of duty. Not just that but they he was able to give a very good rate from SFO to BKK less than $500 dollars. I will recommend him to all my family members.



Personnel at ASAP Tickets are very helpful in finding the flights you need. Everything worked as expected. They were also super helpful in making sure you have your receipts, booking information, etc. after the purchase.



Toronto - Manila | Economy by Korean Air

I found your agency on Facebook ads and you were rated the highest by most of my friends in my friends list... and the rest is history. I find your travel agent (Framel) very accommodating, friendly and helpful in so many ways and going above and beyond her work. She’s an amazing person. Framel is very professional and always available. She gave me great information and was open and honest. She was not tiring to tell me anything but gave me great advice. I really enjoyed working with Framel.



Knoxville - Manila | Economy by United Airlines

Buboy was stellar! He didn't leave us hanging, didn't give false hopes, but was genuinely helpful in helping us get (December-big Holiday travel) out tickets to and from the Philippines. Traveling with a kid is a great challenge; and Buboy was genuinely empathetic to this plight, listened, and more importantly addressed all my concerns and did not allow me to sacrifice either convenience, the number of stops and total cost of the tickets. Thanks Buboy! Thanks ASAPTickets!



Los Angeles - Auckland | Economy by American Airlines

Clarkson was very helpful in explaining everything very clearly. He made me feel very comfortable and i was able to make a decision quite easily. This is the second purchase in two years that I've made with ASAP Tickets and I was very happy with the tickets, the price and especially the service. I highly recommend working with this CA-based company and you should feel comfortable you're making the right decision too. Happy Travels!



Los Angeles - Manila | Economy by EVA Air

Deangelo is easy to work with. I have been referring asap tickets to my family, relatives and friends. I'm glad that you partnered with Affirm. This way we're able to do our trips and vacation without leaving us empty. Thanks again. Too bad Burgundy L is no longer with the company. I worked with her using asap tickets for the first time and I appreciate her patience, as well as Deangelo's. Thanks again.



I was very skeptical at first. I am the person who reads all bad reviews. The surprising part is that there are no bad reviews, just those from unreasonable people. The reviews you read are real, because I just booked today. The price I was offered was $500 less per ticketed passenger. While on the phone I was searching for the same flight. It was seamless and I did not feel swindled. Right after I booked I was able to confirm the arrangements with airline. They do exactly what is asked of them and are very efficient. Do not doubt trying this company, as this far I am happy.



New York - Marseille | Economy by Delta Air Lines

Rafael was informative, patient and courteous as has been my experience with ASAP ticket associates. I have recommended this company to all my traveling friends for the past year and will continue to do so. To speak with a travel professional is far superior to having to navigate the complexities of digital sites. Rafael found the airline, transfer France airport, date and price I was searching for.



New York - Entebbe | Economy by Kenya Airways

ASAP tickets provided great service. Boston was very patient with a number of variables that I needed to consider, and he was very courteous. Also, since baggage fees were included, I was able to obtain the best ticket price in comparison to other search engines. I'll be sure to recommend ASAP tickets to my friends!


Melany Bayer

This was by far the best online experience I have ever had. "Maui" is a great, fantastic customer service professional. ASAP Tickets is extremely fortunate to have him. If I could sum up my experience with ASAP in one word. That would be, WOW!


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