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Very satisfy with ASAP ticket service. They always make it possible to meet your travel need and no matter what. This is why I am always relax when eve I am buying my ticket through them. I have always recommended friends and family to ASAP ticket and I will always go through them for my travels. ASAP ticket I give you 5 stars for your service thanks



I travel international often. I have been using ASAP tickets travel agents. They are very nice. Will treat you right. Very polite. Very friendly. My latest travel agents name is Ricardo. He is a very patient guy. Work very hard to meet the dates of my travel. Change dates a few times. He is on top of things. Obviously, he knows what his doing. I could have given him a handsome tip, but I was in a tight budget.



Amazing customer service and prices. I couldn’t believe how much the tickets cost this year and when I contact ASAP ticket to negotiate the prices to a very reasonable fee I was very grateful. ASAP ticket 100% with their service.



Rishi Desai of ASAP has been very helpful in booking my tickets to India. He is calm and patient and looks after the best interests of his clients. He has changed my tickets thrice due to COVID and flight cancellations. Due to present uncertain conditions, I would definitely recommend travel reservation through ASAP tickets.



Lana was awesome! A friend got a killer deal PHX to HAV and I asked if I could tag along. She got me on the same flight PHX to MIA but the cheap connection was sold out. She worked some magic and got me to HAV for only +$10. I'll be calling her again when it's time to return to Thailand.



Brams V. was an excellent travel agent, nothing but praise for his dedication and professionalism, the airlines are the demons here with their extra charges and seemingly inflexibility; I suppose the almighty dollar is more important. ASAP Travel, I would highly recommend for any traveling be it interstate or international travel bookings.



Atlanta - Alicante | Premium Economy by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

It is not the first time that we are using asaptickets and, as always, Cornel was very helpful and patient with our questions and requests. We received the best possible care and are extremely happy that we have chosen asaptickets. Thank you Cornel!!!



Dallas - New York | Economy by American Airlines

I like that I was able to actually speak to a human being! I also like that my phone number and name (for the most part) were remembered. It did feel as though there was a rush to get off the phone, but I just chopped up to not being heard. The tip caught me off guard, but it is a clever way to compensate those who make an effort to provide customer service. I can appreciate and value that the tip incentivizes employees. Smart.



ASAPtickets was a pleasant surprise. They were very persistent in booking the tickets, but afterwards they were quite helpful, given all the Covid guidelines and schedule changes for my international trip. They were proactive and answered all my questions, and kept me up to date with every major and minor change.



Manila - New York | Economy by United Airlines

ASAP Tickets is the best. They are always there for you when you need them, and their service just keeps getting better and better. My ASAP agent Andrada got me out of a bind. I had issues with the airlines and she took care of everything and get my flights rebooked. Great Agent and great service. Thank you Andrada and thank you ASAP Tickets.


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