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Excellent and prompt. I couldn't even find this flight on the online searches anywhere so I'm so happy I trusted calling and seeing what was available via ASAP. Lionel was not pushy and was very understanding of my situation in trying to travel so last minute. This has been a life saver for our honeymoon. Especially in finding a flight that goes out over the holidays. Thank you.



I was a little bit sceptical about the phone in ticket service but was honestly amazed at how fast, professional and efficient my personal agent Sameer was. He got me a good price and he he followed through every step with patient and feed back. He was truly amazing and I would use ASAP again and recommend to others.



I’m not one to post reviews but I’m extremely happy with this booking. Of course we should get tickets way in advance but sometimes we don’t always know where we will spend it until last minute. Temper from asap travel found me the best flight option and COST that still made it possible for me to travel without breaking the bank during the holiday season ( were everything is double or triple the price). He even took the time to call me and explain all the options as well as reserve my ticket until I was ready to book. NO BS. Super Gold Star .



I called ASAP tickets and was greeted by Jacob. He provided outstanding service and was able to get me tickets that were much cheaper than other agencies. I was concerned that the deal was too good to be true. However it was true and I'm very happy that I called. I highly recommend them.



Economy by Air France

Jerry is very exceptional and courteous. He pays attention to the need of his client. We wanted to make an impromptu trip at the last minute with the fear that we might need to change itinerary - He built over 6-7 trips for us until we found the best option and he was patient enough to wait for our confirmation and payment after 2 days. Every thing worked really smoothly and easily due to his professionalism. Our initial fear was allayed and we are very grateful. Thanks again.



Economy by Delta Air Lines

I have always had great assistance from my travel specialist Buzz and the company is reputable and thorough in its processes. I have never had any problems with ITN and Buzz goes out of his way to make sure we get the best routing and the best price for the dates we need. I would highly recommend them and Buzz too!


Jack Pena

I worked with Sharp of ASAPtickets. I've been working with him for my last 3 trips. He takes care of everything for me. He shops for the lowest prices and the shortest trip possible. I've been searching on the internet and with so many restrictions and conditions, my total travel time, prices, it is just too much for me to sort out with the little time I have. ASAP does the same thing for me and I'm extremely happy!



ASAP’s representative Cohen assisted me in finding the perfect itinerary for my trip to Greece from the USA. He took into consideration that I was traveling with a child and made sure I didn’t have any long layovers. He stayed well within my flexible dates (+-2days) and my budget. He quoted me prices which were much lower than my internet searches. I love how ASAP tickets work with you with a live rep. Something that you rarely find in this voice automated computer age.



I was skeptical at first about cheap air fare ads i didn't think it was legit until i spoke to the agent Nadia. She was able to cater to my booking requirements and responded to all my questions with utmost professionalism. She was very patient and very knowledgeable of her job. Will surely recommend her and ASAP tickets to my friends and family


AFL - Atlanta Traveler

I must admit some trepidation about using ASAP Tickets. The cost-savings versus booking directly with the airline seemed too-good-to-be-true. However, even the airline explained to me how this was possible. Moreover, Mark C. was courteous and patient while I did my own research. I got the flights I wanted and the fare class desired for $300 less than I could find elsewhere. Totally legit, no hidden fees, and I'll be coming back the next time I need a competitive fare to an international destination.


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