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Shyam was patient and thoroughly explained the breakdown of cost. He was ready to help as soon as possible and waited when it was good to call me. Thank you for not nagging and knowing the line of giving me reminders and other low cost prices for my trips. I will definitely keep his info in use for future trips. You da bomb!



My Travel agent was top notch ! He worked very hard to find me the exact travel arrangements at the lowest possible cost. He was ever so polite, professional and patient with me . I would recommend this service to all my friends and family and even strangers who were traveling. Thanks ASAP for giving me excellent customer service and sending me off a very satisfied and definitely a returning customer! Nannette.



"Your Customer Support Agent, Xiao, has been extremely helpful, customer friendly and efficient in assisting me rebook my ticket due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to change my departure date from Nov. 25 to next year as I am afraid the pandemic in the US, including New York where I will be staying, is getting worse everyday. Xiao was able to help me successfully rebook my return ticket using the ASAP Customer Care Service that I purchased along with my ticket. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give him 10!"


Sallie Terrell

Working with Wendell at ASAP was a true pleasure, plus the price and itinerary he got for me far surpassed the other airlines and companies that I had already contacted. I don’t travel much anymore but if I, or any of my family, do need to fly we won’t even try any other companies. We will go straight to ASAP and, hopefully, Wendell, Thank you for the superb service!



Hi, I can say only good things about the people who work at ASAP tickets, let it be Lamar, Ferguson, and as of lately Oswald ... each one of them bent over backwards to find me the best deal possible !!! ???????????? I’ll definitely keep and also looking forward to working with these guys again, especially since I’m a very frequent flyer !!! ????????????



They got me a better deal. But i got a little upset because they wanted me to use selfy that shows my face and ID for proof that i am the owner of my credit card. This is because i was buying a ticket for my mom, not myself. The agent that worked with me was so patient and professional. He understood my objection to that verification method and convinced his supervisor to opt for conference call with my bank. It took a little long. But i got the ticket.



Louisville - Panama City | Economy by American Airlines

Framel was so patience and easy to work with. I could not have ask for better or more friendly assistance. I would only hope all of your Travel Agent are this personable as well as professional.



I had Val help me now for the past few years he is very professional and goes out of his way to make sure everything has been checked and I’ve never had a problem. Thanks VAL.



San Francisco - Bacolod City | Economy by Philippine Airlines

Elendil is a one of a kind customer service. She take care of my plan trip to the Philippines. She listen to my vacation needs. She fight for the BEST value for your money. She didn’t hesitate to discuss my comparable price from the other airline. I highly recommend Elendil to any customer to ask for her service. I guarantee you will save a lot of money. I gave her a nice token “Thanks” for a job well done. She should get a pat in the back and acknowledged her service extended to customers online.



Agent Evan tried very hard to get me a ticket even though it was very difficult as many Christmas flights already booked through December the price I ended up getting was not bad all given the other crazy prizes out there thanks asap am a happy customer


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