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So very happy I have ASAP as my travel agency....Mr. Cartman is so professional & very helpful with all my travel needs & concerns.....especially during these trying times & uncertainty during Covid-19. I truly cannot thank him enough for all that he has accomplished & done for me.....this is my second time booking through ASAP.....and I will absolutely book all my future & upcoming trips with them again......thanking this wonderful company for all they do to make your trip & safety come true!!!!!



Enthusiastic 5 ***** for ASAP Tickets and 5 ***** for my trusted agent Kenil! ASAP Tickets consistently gets me the best $$$ deals on airfares to Paris, even one week prior to departure. Kenil magically matches me with the best itinerary & seating, and also accommodates my special meals' requests. ASAP Tickets and Kenil both win my enthusiastic loyalty trip after trip. Looking forward to booking my next trip. Many thanks!



My agent Davina was excellent in helping me find the earliest and lease expensive flight. I originally had booked through another airlines direct, my flight was canceled twice and it was almost impossible to contact the airlines to rebook. Davina took the extra measures to find me the soonest departing flight and the cheapest. Her follow to make sure I received all needed itinerary and tickets was great costumer service. I am a first time costumer and on my future booking I will use ASAP (Davina) . Thank you Frank



Manila - Los Angeles | Economy by Philippine Airlines

I am very happy that I have Blanche to take good care of my sister flight & rebooking it again due to Covid-19. She has all the technical knowledge, patience, empathy and most of all very polite. Thank you Blanche for everything! I am looking forward to help me book my parents flight anytime when they decided to go home to the Philippines.



Blanche was my first contact and impressed me with how quickly she was able to show me some options. On my attempt to contact her a few days later she was out of the office, but phoned me within 1 hr and was able to satisfy all of our travel needs during that phone call, and finalized our reservations by phone and on line during that call. I am most satisfied with her kindness, efficiency and patience in getting our travel needs satisfied. This was my second experience with ASAP. My first several years ago was equally pleasing. DRH



We use ASAP Tickets every year to travel to my wife's family in the Philippines. Due to Corona virus we decided to postpone our travel until 2021. The exchange of tickets was done by our agent Davina. She provided great help.



My travel agent is Jasper and I am very pleased with his service , along with that of Cristina Lisandrelli, Paul Suazo, Moses and Garnet. All these professionals helped me greatly to get my trip together and handle the various roadblocks presented by the corona virus! I will definitely use the services of ASAP TICKETS ON MY NEXT TRIP TO AFRICA! Thank you all so much! Thomas James



Alan the sales Rep was very patient and professional. He was after the interest and the best options for the customers. He gives a good advice. He also help to search for the train ticket that I can take from London (UK) to Manchester (UK), after I landed in the United kingdom. He called after the purchase has completed just to make sure I understood everything and also to let me know that If I need any assistance I can contact him.



I had been searching on my own for 3 weeks for a Flight. Contacted ASAP and my Representative took great care of me in less than 24 hours he found the perfect one and I purchased my tickets. I will use ASAP in the future and recommend to everyone I know.



Phoenix - Manila | Economy by All Nippon Airways

I relize these are tough times and ASAP is likely overwhelmed with requests but they GOT THE JOB DONE and GWEN was fantastic as an Agent. Now I will be able to see my daughter in the Philippines and give her a great Christmas..


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