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James of New Jersey

ALAN P has never failed us . This guy is so professional, honest and polite. This is the second time we bookEd our flights to Europe ,Manila and 2 other US States. My family was so happy with him. He even beat the price ticket of a well known online travel agency I’m giving Alan 5 stars an excellent rating For a very hard working and honest travel consultant. ALAN, you are a STELLAR to ASAP BIG THANK YOU from all of us. All the best James of New Jersey



I have had the pleasure of working with Ranger in pricing out multiple trips from the USA to Africa and Europe. Ranger is an exceptional travel agent who takes the time to understand the customer’s requirement. He provides a few itineraries around my requirements. All are competitively priced and feel suited to my requirements. Ranger provides a customized and differentiated service at discount pricing. He is also very unobtrusive and gives me my space. It’s been a great pleasure Thanks Aravind



Los Angeles - Berlin | Economy by Air New Zealand

Evelyn did a great job. I especially liked how quickly she got back to me about updates, choices and pricing. At the same time, she was not pushy nor annoying trying to sell me something now!!! She so saved me a lot of time if I would have tried this on my own. I will definitely use these services again. Reminded me of the good old times when you had to go to a travel agent and do everything in person.


Adetola Yetunde Akindele

I had a very good and fantastic experience with Jamal who helped me with my ticket to Nigeria. From the beginning to the end he listened to me on exactly what I was looking for and worked with me. In the end not only was he able to get me my first preference but got me a good deal as well. I was always skeptical about all these online traveling agents but ASAP is legit. You can’t go wrong especially with Jamal. I appreciate you Jamal and thank you


Sascha Nagel

I've used the service multiple times, and every time I've purchased tickets they've found something a few hundred dollars cheaper than anything I could find through the other travel sites for the SAME flights! I definitely recommend using them to my friends especially when booking internationally.


F. B.

OMG this company is amazing! We got tickets at way less than the advertised price on any website that we tried. And Tyra, our rep? She rocks! She was the best representative we could have asked for. She had all the patience and time in the world for us. We will definitely book again in the future using ASAP tickets! Thank you so much!



I have been blessed with a wonderful young lady who walked me through my flight, step by step. I'm so grateful for her help and patience with me. I've never flown before, but I take my first flight soon with much more confidence and comfort than I had before. You have lovely staff members who are willing to go above and beyond for customers. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.


G Elligsen A G Vaso

I would say Omnia in Cebu offered such excellent service to me over several switched up dates for travel. her pleasant attitude and understanding was the best!! Emails and telephone conversations, were always on time. The booking arrangements were easy and return confirmations on time. All of this leading to a up and coming great Holiday made easy with ASAP Tickets. I could easily booked my trip local, but so happy to have dealt with Omnia. Now bring on the Batanes Philippines and the Ivatan beautiful way of life our paradise of the north.



Winnipeg - Manila | Economy by WestJet

Thank you ASAP tickets! First of, Dreyfus was so helpful. He went above and beyond and made sure that we are able to save for our airfare. He always touch base with me to give an update. Since 5 of us are travelling, we want to make sure that we save as much as possible, and Dreyfus did that. I would like to thank Dreyfus for doing a fantastic job. I will make sure to refer him to my friends and contact him all the time every time we are looking for the cheapest flight.



Our trip was more complex than just a round trip flight. Fly into Barcelona, Spain, then to Rome and then back home, with stops in both cities and a cruise in between. I could have booked it all, but was tired of searching all the travel sites so decided to leave it to an expert. Art was so helpful. We started with one set of dates and then changed plans. Art wasn't bothered; he was happy to help us. He was very responsive with options for us to choose from. He communicated both by phone and by email, which I appreciated.


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