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Please know you are doing an excellent job here at ASAP Tickets. Ria a service rep did a great work handling my reservations. She was kind, courteous and professional. I wish all other service reps were treating customers with integrity and professionalism as Ria. Keep up the good work and low fare. B.Yates Charlotte


Joyce G.

I was overwhelmed with airline websites, and googled for help with live agents. I had the great fortune to connect with Blue from ASAP. He was fabulous! He was so helpful, friendly, patient, and had a wonderful sense of humor. He explained everything beautifully, and as I told him...I never actually ENJOYED dealing with a travel agent before, but I did with him! Please...give that man a raise, and a promotion! Thank you, Blue!



Have used asap tickets for approximately the last four years for our families trips home to the Philippines to visit family. The agents we have dealt with alway treated us with respect and didn't seem to mind our looking at different dates, flights, even needing a few days to make our decision, then looking again at various dates, etc. to make sure we got the best deal/time frame. They were friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable.


Kevin H

This experience (arranging my purchase my round trip to Ukraine) was much more easier than I imagined. The person Mr. Lord helped me every step of the way and is SUPER informative and complete. It made me feel confident and secure of my international travel. I'm super happy with my experience. I think the customer service made all the difference!!!! Kevin



Teymur is very proficient at what he does. He is patient, thorough and takes his time to take you through the purchase process. I was excited working with him, we had budget, worked towards it, looked at a multiplicity of options and settled on the best deal. Payment was seamless and ticket was issued just as he promised. I recommend ASAP tickets to anyone planning on traveling



I am very impressed with my travel agent Garfield. One of my layover flights were cancelled and made it to where I would not make it to my event in Nigeria departing from Seattle WA. I was highly stressed due to the Covid testing time frame and missing my event. Garfield kept me pretty calm in a very high stressed situation and came through for us and made sure I got to my destination in a timely fashion. I am very pleased and recommend Garfield.


Lenda Christian

Fletcher!!! My agent omg not enough words to describe how kind, proffessional, considering, polite, well knowledgeable he is, during this pandemic,,cancellation, after cancellation but he never stopped being prepared and concern. I am a travel agent myself and how he handled the situation I would recommend him his own company and team,i have saved his number in my phone as ASAP FLETCHER he will remain in my phone as well as my memories and heart



I had to change my flight route, date of travel and destination airport due to COVID rules in my country. It was to cost me a lot but my Agent Cameron worked with me and was able to make the changes and issue me with a new ticket at an acceptable fare difference. I am totally satisfied with the service I got. Cameron you are the best!!!!!



I have never heard of ASAP TICKETS before, nor has my daughter. I decided to give them a try for this trip. Tulip was very professional, polite and helpful. The price of my ticket is just what I was looking for on such a short notice. I know I saved at least a $100.00. I will surely be using them again and letting my friends and family know about ASAP TICKETS and Tulip. Thank you ASAP TICKETS!


Imagepro Usap

I am very pleased with the services I received from ASAP TICKETS. Thanks to my travel adviser Jerry. Jerry was on holiday when I called and left a message that I cannot make my flight on October 1st, he made it possible to reschedule my return flight and now, I am at ease and hope to return home safe. I will give you 5 stars +


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