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Baltimore - Minneapolis | Economy by American Airlines

Freya was really Fantastic. She worked with me through the various amendments I had to do with my reservation. She answered my calls quickly, politely, and very knowledgeably. Freya was really really helpful. She was on the phone with me to walk me through, and explain everything at the Payment stages, including the benefits of the Travel Care package. She made sure I understood everything and was comfortable before finally hitting the Submit to complete the Reservation. GREAT JOB FREYA!!!


Mary Friedman

The Asaptickets agent was so very helpful. I needed an unusual flight arrangement and he worked with me for several days while I waited on additional details to become clear before I could book. I was in excellent hands, he was extremely competent and professional, he made my complicated flight arrangements seem simple. He was very, very courteous; over the course of those few days we became good friends.



Harper was fabulous in researching flight connections that best met our needs. Thanks to his professional tenacity and exemplary customer service... he put together an itinerary to enabled us to book with Melanie immediately. As for Melanie... she went above and beyond the call of duty in contacting Cathay Pacific on our behalf in order to insure we secured the seating we wanted after we encountered a glitch on the Cathay Pacific website. Two thumbs up to ASAP for emptying such top-notch, well informed, personable and friendly agents who's dedication to duty makes ASAP our number one choice for travel a second year in a row!



My personal feedback. Hello Davina, Your management should be proud of you for being an efficient travel Agent. You have been taking so much care about your clients. You're awesome! Yes I received both e-tickets for my 2 sisters. Thank you so much for going above and beyond your responsibilities. You've been a blessing to my sisters. And working with you on this was a pleasure. You never gave us a hard time. I appreciate you taking so much time to complete this process. I am pleased with your service. Also, thank you for taking care of the wheelchair request. That meant a lot to my sisters, as well. I appreciate all that you do! Thank you so much and have a great day!



My problem in rebooking our tickets has been settled right away with the help of the Agent Rufus. We appreciated his fast actions on this matter. Hoping and praying that we can travel next year without quarantine required. ???? To GOD be the glory!



Dealing with petunia ASAP tickets is a wonderful experience. She is very very helpful and always has been and I have been using her specifically for my travel itinerary needs for the past 5 years. Petunia will handle all of your questions and be professional while handling your needs. I strongly recommend and urge anyone that has international travel plans to use petunia at ASAP tickets



Mort is an extra ordinary agent, he helped me all through without getting tired of my complaints, he has a very good and friendly customer service relationship. Thanks so much Mort, I'm so grateful for this, I really appreciate all your efforts towards me and for making me get a comfortable flight. Thanks Asap ticket too.



Weston did an excellent job in scheduling my family’s ticket. He has excellent communication skills, professional, detailed, and reached out to me to resolve any questions or concerns I had. He is definitely an asset to ASAP and this is why when I researched this company it had rave reviews. Good job ASAP!!!



The agent is very helpful and courteous, explain everything on all the concern of the flight due to pandemic and suggested a couple of suggestion to make my flight reservation easily. She is very helpful I will give her more than five star.



I honestly couldn't find anything under $2500.00 for an emergency trip we have to take to Germany. It seems like because of this virus flights are hard to come by and outrageously expensive! Of course our source of income was majorly affected by the virus as well. Just as I was about to give up I saw the phone number for ASAP tickets and called around midnight. Lord helped me get a ticket for $1295.00. He was very professional and made it possible for my son to see his grandma before she passes away. Thank you so much! My whole family is thankful!


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