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Santoshi Kumari Tuschak

Davina is super awesome. I am so happy with how she coordinated our travel options and worked diligently throughout all of our changing needs as they arose due to the covid pandemic. After two weeks of multiple changes in routes, Davina found the best business class flight, and perfect combination of options for us to be both economical, comfortable and safe.



Atlanta - Taipei | Economy by United Airlines

Sir Gildarts was very professional and knowledgeable A+++ rating this was a rebook because of COVID-19 Sir Gildarts took the pain and aggravation out of the process! Thanks ASAP team and most of all thank you Sir Gildarts!



San Antonio - Manila | Economy by All Nippon Airways

Jackson did a fine job considering all the difficulties in booking a flight during a pandemic. Now, it's all up to the airlines and country of destination access if my flight won't be cancelled for the eighth time. Very frustrating, but just have to follow protocol and pray for patience! Thank you, Jackson, for working professionally with customer needs. FMcD


Cristina Ivan

I am happy to share the extraordinary service and professionalism I received from Kratos, who walked me through cancelling- and new booking process a number of times, related to my parents flight to Romania. And all this with kindness, patience and good humor. It has been a big comfort and support to be assisted by Kratos during these trying times.


Al Ricardo

I've been purchasing my tickets through ASAPTICKETS for many years now and had many out of this world experience when dealing with Connor. If you have plans to travel overseas in the future, I highly recommend to call and ask for Connor. You will not regret your decisions for he is professional, courteous, patient and very knowledgeable.


Astrid Wenke

I honestly have never had a travel agent, that was so on top of things. "Greg" is fabulous and has made dealing with prices and airlines (especially frequent itinerary changes through the airlines). The prices are best for international flights, the farther the better. I am an extremely satisfied customers, again and again!



Economy by United Airlines

Fantastic service. I have worked with Ricardo through the Pandemic situation (cancellation, reschedule of trip three times) without any stress. I do recommend anyway to pay the insurance. Thank you ASPTICKETS.COM for the work well done!! -Scott and Awilda


Cory Raimundo

Sterling is an exceptional travel consultant. He is kind, patient, and accommodating. We had booked our trip pre-Covid and had to make adjustments to our plan. Our family had planned a trip as a celebration of my grandson's graduation and had to deal with the disappointment of not being able to go through with our long awaited travel. However, we were comforted by the support we received with Sterling. Trustworthy and competent, he will not disappoint.


Elizabeth Orcino

I had a very good experience in buying and re scheduling our flight. My agent Aka me always keeps me posted as to the progress of the process until it was settled and I am happy with her help. Highly recommended with my friends and relatives to use ASAP ticket.



Baltimore - Minneapolis | Economy by American Airlines

Freya was really Fantastic. She worked with me through the various amendments I had to do with my reservation. She answered my calls quickly, politely, and very knowledgeably. Freya was really really helpful. She was on the phone with me to walk me through, and explain everything at the Payment stages, including the benefits of the Travel Care package. She made sure I understood everything and was comfortable before finally hitting the Submit to complete the Reservation. GREAT JOB FREYA!!!


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